Month: April 2020

Upgrade node.js to 12.16.2 with n on hoobs

Recent changes to hoobs require that node.js is on at least 10.17.0 while most installs on raspberry Pi are “stuck” on 10.15.2 or 10.16.0

I found that simply running standard updates for the raspberry Pi would not result in node.js getting updated and was being told 10.16.0 was the latest version despite hoobs telling me 12.16.2 was the latest. The small orange circle with exclamation informs a update is available but there is no mechanism from the UI to update.

I managed to upgrade using n – this is a node.js version manager and makes the upgrade process so simple.

Open Terminal in the UI from the top right three dots.

I deleted all npm cache, not ideal but I was still getting issues and this resolved:

sudo npm cache clean -f

Then I updated & installed n:
sudo npm install -g n sudo n stable

Now simply run n and the version number required to update
sudo n 12.16.2
Finally restart hoobs and once back

node.js 12.16.2

note this is using hombridge with the homebridge-config-ui-x v4.16.0 UI and not the latest version of hoobs.

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