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macOS Catalina – The Enterprise issue

Once again it’s that time of year when Apple release their next macOS, and once again Mac Admins scramble to block user’s updating.

With Jamf restriced policies in place and communications sent to all Mac users and posts on internal intranets you would of thought users would get the message to hold off updating…..but still they try.

The main issue though is now Catalina is available it will only be weeks until Mac’s ship with it installed as default. Apple confirmed to me either these Mac’s will have updated firmware to prevent downgrading to Mojave or downgrading could void the Apple Care for Enterprise warranty. So like every year Mac Admins have to warn users if they buy a Mac and it ships with Catalina don’t expect to use it and certainly don’t expect to be supported (yet).

It’s a odd situation, shiny new macOS being promoted, possible end of year hardware budget needing to be spent as it may be a case of “use it or loose it” but due to Apple’s history on first release and even second and third release not being Enterprise ready (#iamroot) Admins get stuck, users think they are slow and being awkwark as of course “I updated at home and its fine” but all we are really doing is trying to stop the pain and issues early upgrading will cause.

If Apple really want Mac’s in the Enterprise on ordering Enterprise Mac Teams should be able to state (with some restriction) the OS required, even if its latest version of previous, so Mojave 10.14.6 (18G103)  at least for the first 3-4 months after the new OS is avialable.

Come on Apple make this happen, make Apple in Enterprise great not frustrating.


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