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Unifi Controller Cloud Access Issue Resolved

I’m a big fan of Unifi kit but a while back I did a Cloudkey controller update and lost access to enable remote access.

All I was seeing was this:

When clicking on Enable Remote Access the error was instant, not enough time from clicking to trying to sign in so I knew something was up.

I also noticed that I was no longer getting update notifications for my Unifi Access Points or my Unifi USG.  After another firmware update to the Unifi Cloudkey (1.1.11) and controller update (5.12.72.x) I was still unable to get remote access to work.

The fix however is simple:

ssh into your cloudkey

Once in stop the unif service

<span class="s1">service unifi stop<br /></span>

Then run the following to remove and update certs

rm /etc/ssl/certs/java/cacerts &amp;&gt; /dev/null; update-ca-certificates -f

Then start the service

service unifi start

And we are back 🙂
Remote access now enabled and also all my kit started reporting updates available.

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