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Echo Dot on the Ceiling

I’ve been using an Apple Airport Express for a number of years connected to a Marantz amplifier in the top of a cupboard which is then connected to some ceiling speakers for music via iTunes and more recently Spotify. Earlier this year I bought an Amazon Echo and found it much simpler to control Spotify, so I decided to ditch the Airport Express and replace with an Amazon Echo Dot and use it for voice control of music with the ceiling speakers. I also purchased another Belkin WeMo Switch Smart Plug to turn the amp on and off and a Dot flush ceiling mount kit.

Plan was, Dot to amp and power, amp to ceiling speakers (already in place), amp into Wemo socket. After about an hour or so of cutting and wiring I ended up with the flush ceiling mount in place, the Dot mounted and all wired back to the amp.

The ceiling was really easy to fit, just a case of finding a suitable spot and then cutting a hole. It fitted tightly into the ceiling and the kit comes with a 90degree 3.5mmm jack and also a very long USB power lead. All I had to add was a 3.5mm male jack to left/right phono to plug into the back of the Marantz amp. The Dot fits well into the mount and can’t fall as the wires keep it in place plus the kit comes with some stick pads for extra security, not that it really needs them.

Once all wired in and the Wemo plug setup the Marantz amp can be switched on and off with a simple “Alexa turn on Marantz” command and then Spotify played back with a simple “Alexa play“, so much easier than having to find my iPhone, launch Spotify, turn the amp on, play a track and then choose Airplay.

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